MKBHD: Why he does YouTube Best

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MKBHD: Why he does YouTube Best

Marques Brownlee is one of the most prominent YouTube content creators running his own channel, “MKBHD,” with approximately 7 million subscribers. Mr. Brownlee dedicates the entirety of his channel to state-of-the-art tech videos that offer in-depth insight, facts, and professional opinions on the hottest tech items to hit the market. In today’s world of YouTube, there has recently been a lot of pressure on smaller channels to perform and create high quality content similar to that of the YouTube Greats- and Marques sets the bar for everyone.

First off, may I suggest checking out his channel if you ever have any questions regarding competing tech products and which of the said products are best for you. More importantly, one must note the impeccable detail, quality, and theme that pervades everything the MKBHD “brand.” In terms of comparing this gentleman’s YouTube channel to a business selling its product, Mr. Brownlee is doing everything right when it comes to fluidity across all mediums for his image. In every one of his videos, there is a supreme quality introduction that carries similar transitions and logos that add increased value to all of his videos.



To take into consideration how popular the videos are for this channel, Marques will often have 2 million views on a video within two days of posting it. Because of the large array of products that Mr. Brownlee has the opportunity to review, many people question the legitimacy of potential bias in certain videos, but Marques has been creating videos for close to ten years now. Supposedly, Marques cannot be directly paid as a sponsor for the product that he is physically reviewing because of the direct bias; however, Mr. Brownlee often gets early access to shows/events/viewings/products/exclusives not offered to the general public. Essentially, Marques serves as the perfect professional and unbiased reviewer, and he is compensated indirectly. In terms of digital marketing, firms that go through MKBHD have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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