TGIT Is Back

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TGIT Is Back

As a very loyal Grey’s Anatomy fan, hearing the words TGIT is back was music to my ears. Last Thursday, it started it’s 15th season matching ER as the longest running television series. The real question is how has this show continued for so many years with such a local fan base?

Before the premiere, one could not go onto any social media platform without seeing something about the famous doctors of Seattle. One of the biggest influencers in my opinion were the promoted posts on Instagram. By using parts of the trailer released a week prior, they were reminding viewers of exactly why they love tuning into the show each week, even after spending the whole summer without it.

They also took to Facebook by pushing out loads of content highlighting individual actors as well as the other shows airing immediately after. For this platform, the most effective marketing was the video titled, “the season of feels”, the slogan for the 15th season. It highlighted major events in the past 14 seasons and brought it all together by showing a sneak peak of what to expect in the two-hour premiere.

The show was also aided by being awarded six covers of the magazine Entertainment Weekly. Although they did include photographs of all of the major relationships on the show, they also highlighted the main actress, Ellen Pompeo, by herself which reignited the story about her groundbreaking $20 million contract and how this would officially not be the last season of Grey’s Anatomy. For fans, it allowed a sigh of relief and a reason to tune in.

Any television series that stays on the air for 15 years should be studied. No matter the quality of the writing or acting, it would not be possible to continue so long without a solid marketing plan. If things continue as they have, I believe it is safe to say that Grey’s Anatomy has already started itself off on a great foot for this 15th season.


Mikayla Coverson

Mikayla Coverson

October 4, 2018at 2:41 pm

I am one of those people that have waited for Thursdays! I am a pleased consumer once again.

Jasmine Pruett

Jasmine Pruett

October 4, 2018at 3:14 pm

I have always enjoyed Grays, but never fanatically. You make some excellent points. I just wanted to add that I think they also did really well by bundling it (so to speak) with other hit shows. TGIT is not just any one show. People can make a night with friends of it more than they can with other stand-alone blocks and if one of the TGIT shows is not great that week then the others help make it seem better by being in a prestige position.

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