The More You Know – Snapchat & Shazam

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The More You Know – Snapchat & Shazam

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In case you’re late to the party and don’t already know – you can Shazam within the Snapchat app to quickly and easily figure out whatever song is playing around you.

The feature was first introduced in December of 2016 and flew under the radar for quite some time. To access the feature you simply open the app, press down and hold on the screen, and wait. The capture screen is the app‘s home page, where users record a video or take a picture. A little box should pop up after a few seconds of holding down on the screen, revealing the name of the song and its artist. The box also gives you a “more info” option alongside an option to send the song info to your friends within the app. Occasionally, Snapchat will allow its users to add/follow the artist on Snapchat underneath the Shazam box if the artist has a linked account.

What the Shazam Feature Looks Like Within Snapchat

The best part of all of this? You don’t have to have the Shazam app downloaded onto your phone for the feature to work. So, if you already have Snapchat, but you don’t have Shazam, you still have the ability to use the music-identification service. Consequently, if you DO have the Shazam app, and you want to free up some space on your device – now you can!

In terms of business and market strategy, the acquisition of Shazam was a strategic move on Snapchat’s end. Instagram had announced its addition of Insta-Stories to its platform only four months prior, and Snapchat quickly realized they needed to diversify. Interestingly enough, the announcement of Instagram’s version of the story feature came after Snapchat turned down purchasing offers from both Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) and Google. So, the merging of Shazam and Snapchat platform features was one method utilized in the attempt to keep Snapchat competitive against Instagram. All in all, the market for these platforms seems to be very innovative and competitive. It will be interesting to see what capabilities the social applications will continue to add in the future.

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