Ulta Beauty’s New Campaign: “The Possibilities Are Beautiful”

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Ulta Beauty’s New Campaign: “The Possibilities Are Beautiful”

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Ulta Beauty recently revamped their branding strategy to focus on diversity. They have released a new video campaign, which portrays a cast with a wide variety of ethnicities, ages, races, and genders. The tagline associated with the new campaign is “The Possibilities Are Beautiful,” replacing the older tagline associated with Ulta Beauty released in 2015, “All Things Beauty, All in One Place.” The new tagline is meant to redefine their brand and their definition of beauty.

Along with the launch of the new campaign, Ulta also plans to begin publishing content with more realistic images and portrayals of beauty. This is all in an effort to define the Ulta brand as a company that is accepting of everyone and encourages diversity. They hope by sending this message to consumers they will increase sales and continue to build brand loyalty with already existing customers. They have even opted out of working with companies and brands who have been associated with negativity involving discrimination in the media.

They have released multiple versions of the campaign, a 30 second, 60 second, full 90 second video, and a 30 second version in Spanish as well. By launching the campaign in two languages, they have targeted a group of consumers who are commonly underrepresented in the beauty industry, while attracting Millennial and Gen Z consumers who have reported favoring brands that embrace diversity. Including men in the campaign targets another demographic group that beauty brands rarely market to, differentiating their brand from others, which is crucial in an industry with so much competition.

So far, Ulta Beauty has reported that this campaign has already contributed to an increase in sales. We will see how the overall re-branding effects the company’s reputation in the future.


Alana Dorsey

Alana Dorsey

October 4, 2018at 2:34 pm

The beauty community has had a very hard time dealing with diversity and inclusion. From a consumer prospective, many brands have been blasted for not having inclusive shade ranges, especially for concealers and foundations. Many consumers take the lack of a diverse shade range, especially for darker skin tones, as the brand not caring about minority people. As a person of color, and having lighter skin, it is often painful to shop for foundations. You can easily see the shade range and undertone range brands provide for lighter skins, but the medium to deep colors are limited, and seem like an after thought. Brands are also criticized for using dark skinned models, who are suppose to show the brand’s commitment to diversity, but the model cannot even wear a color in the range. Another issue ravaging the beauty community is racism. Many beauty gurus have had scandalous due to old Tweets resurfacing. Laura Lee, Nikita Dragon, James Charles, and Jeffrey Star are all gurus who have had to apologize for past comments, often degrading minority people. Its more important than ever for brands to be inclusive, and diverse campaigns are not enough. The beauty community needs a complete overhaul and systemic shift, so that everyone feels good shopping.

Janki Patel

Janki Patel

October 4, 2018at 2:36 pm

I can definitely see the need for Ulta to revamp and focus on diversity. After Rihanna’s Fenty line, Sephora’s market shares and revenue has gone up tremendously, becoming an even greater competitor for Ulta. Focusing on diversity is the new “in” for companies, but are they doing it for profit or are they doing it because they truly believe in it? #QTNA

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