Unfair Promotion from Fans on Social Media?

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Unfair Promotion from Fans on Social Media?

As a big music lover, I do whatever I can support my favorite artists which might include buying physical copies of their music, ordering merch, buying tickets to their shows, and sharing their music with my friends. Sounds like your basic music fan right? Recently after reading an article on The Verge, I discovered that Lady Gaga’s fans, who refer to themselves as ‘Little Monsters’, are anything but ‘basic.’ Lady Gaga has a new movie out this week called A Star Is Born, and her fans are out to make sure that her songs and her movie rise to the top of the charts.

First, one ‘Little Monster’ took to Twitter on their fan account to encourage other fans to create many fake accounts and tweet to radio stations requesting her song. If a station is constantly getting requests for a certain song, they have to go check it out and play it on air right? Not only is making fake accounts on social media illegal and against Twitter’s rules, this also seems unfair to other artists whose fans do not resort to these measures to spread the word about their music.

Another thing her ‘Little Monsters’ are doing is writing negative reviews for the movie Venom, also out this week, A Star Is Born’s biggest competitor. Many people have accused them as using bots to post negative reviews, in order for movie goers to opt to see this movie on opening weekend instead.

We all know just how big the power of social media can be when promoting your brand, however, did Gaga’s fan base take this way too far? Is it unfair to the others in the movie/music business? While they may think they’re doing a big part in promoting her new music and movie, I highly doubt that there will be any noticeable game-changing differences in performance from these bots and fake accounts. What do you think? May the best movie win.

To read more information, check out the article on The Verge here.

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Emily Olson

Emily Olson

October 4, 2018at 3:27 pm

I had no idea that fans could go to this level of dedication to support an artist and ensure their success. It’s crazy to think how much of a role social media can play in promotion in the modern day and just goes to show that technologies are evolving, sometimes in a positive way, but other times in a negative one.

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