The Final Straw for Facebook Users?

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The Final Straw for Facebook Users?

Last week, as I was eating lunch and getting some studying done, I received a text from a friend telling me to change my Facebook password. I soon discovered that Facebook was experiencing yet another security breach. I didn’t know the details, nor did I question the likelihood of it. I simply changed my password, texted some group chats to notify other friends, and moved on. But what exactly happened, who was affected, and what does this mean for Facebook?

Here’s the run down: a Taiwanese hacker named Chang Chi-yuan announced that he had discovered a vulnerability in Facebook’s code. He used this code to delete Mark Zuckerberg’s personal account while also accessing almost 50 million other accounts. It is still unknown what information was accessed; but according to Facebook, the issue has been isolated and fixed.

As a marketer, I was especially curious as to what this means for Facebook’s image in the future. To sum it up: it definitely does not look good. According to Social Media Today, Facebook is now the least trusted out of all the major tech companies. After the major Cambridge Analytica controversy a few months ago, Facebook started to lose trust and users. This most recent breach certainly does not help the cause. As a company that relies solely on consumer data to enhance platforms and boost advertiser objectives, Facebook needs to figure a way to be more secure. Otherwise, users will begin to log off for good in fear of losing their privacy.

Facebook has also announced possibly launching a smart speaker device that will track us in our own homes. Once this starts launching, I may have to tap out and delete my Facebook for good. As a Facebook user for several years, I definitely think these recent security issues are a bit of a concern. Like others, I would rather keep my personal information out of the hands of hackers. I am hopeful, however, that Facebook will step up their security and gain back the trust of the people.

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