Spotify is Everyone’s Friend

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Spotify is Everyone’s Friend

So when contemplating streaming service for music, two come to everyone’s mind…Spotify and Apple Music but there has been an informal trend in people giving up their loyalty to Apple simply based off of the digital connections and partnerships that Spotify has made.

Spotify’s co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek presents the company’s new headquarters at Urban Escape, Stockholm. 

To date, Spotify has 83 million subscribers, 35 million songs, 180 million active users and two billion playlists. So what is Spotify doing with their new campaigns that is appealing to users? Its simple, offering a varying level of prices for services and bundles with companies like Hulu and Showtime.

Yes, you heard right, you can now receive Spotify + Hulu + SHOWTIME with their premium membership which will only cost a student, $4.99/month. This is a game changer for the top two competing streaming services because many Apple Music users are weighing the pros and cons and with these bundles, the pros are heavy for one company.

What do you think about Spotify’s decision to offer a package deal for its users? Are you a customer of Spotify or were you once a customer of Apple Music and then switched over?

For me, I have been a loyal Spotify customer simply based off the functionality and now I get to benefit from my loyalty so maybe I’m slightly biased.

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