Mobile Purchasing in Instagram Stories

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Mobile Purchasing in Instagram Stories

Every time I go on Instagram, there are always multiple accounts utilizing Instagram for advertising products or just simply letting their followers know where they got a certain item. In the past, you weren’t able to link products to pictures, and this made it hard/inconvenient for people to go search the links manually. However, recently Instagram made mobile shopping easier by allowing people to add links to their photos sending followers straight to the website where the product is located.

This feature alone has more than 300 million users…that is more than Snapchat users all together! This feature allows brands to sell products more easily and makes customers inclined to buy brands’ products. All brands have to do is link the website to their stories, and the customer quickly swipes up.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, Instagram stories and advertisements influence me on a day-to-day basis. I’m constantly engaged and interested to see what companies have to offer. I follow many bloggers posting advertisements and links in their stories for their followers to buy. Many of the Instagram bloggers have discount codes companies give them, so more likely than not, I am very inclined to buy the product.

Linking product URLs to photos is a very fast and easy way to get shoppers motivated to buy their products. It is changing mobile purchasing for the better, and companies definitely need to be utilizing Instagram stories to drive sales and make mobile purchasing quick and easy for their consumers.

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