Google+ Laid To Rest

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Google+ Laid To Rest

On Monday of last week, Google admitted to a private data susceptibility of Google+ users, and even though there was no found evidence of misuse of data, Google plans to shut down the social media channel all together. As Georgia Wells of the Washington Street Journal puts it “Few tears were shed Monday over the death of Google+, the search giant’s oft-derided effort at challenging Facebook Inc. in social media.” This just goes to show that Google, as much of a titan of industry as it is, is not be able to compete with the social media giants in their own playing field. Facebook reigns supreme in its ability remain an incumbent to the position of the world’s most successful social media site. “Facebook now owns four of the top social-media apps, a degree of dominance that has helped to insulate the company from competitive challenges as it faces repeated questions over its data-handling practices” (Wells). This just goes to show the competition for social platform success is not easily won, it take quite a lot of power and strategic moves. Google+ was just not ready to make those types of move in its battle for a social platform success. And because of this, Google+ was never able to get a grip on the social web in order to be able to compete with Facebook. Google+ has finally come to the end of its long journey, and it is time to say goodbye to this social platform.

RIP Google+

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Chantel Mccarty

Chantel Mccarty

October 14, 2018at 6:04 pm

Honestly, I just recently heard of Google+ when writing our brand comparison papers for this class (I did starbucks and dunkin’) and realized that Starbucks had a google+ account that looked very familiar to Facebook. I think you’re right in the fact that Facebook has already established itself as in the social media world and Google, no matter how big of a corporation, is not going to easily be able to overtake the social network giant. Good article!

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