Dove’s Self Esteem Project

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Dove’s Self Esteem Project

The other day, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I ran into a Dove advertisement that really grabbed my attention. It is no secret that Dove has been struggling, marketing-wise, these past couple of years. Some of their past advertising campaigns have really missed the mark and have been very controversial. So, I was very pleasantly surprised to come upon this campaign.

The campaign website states the following in regards to the movement:

At Dove, we believe no young person should be held back from reaching their full potential. However, low body confidence and anxieties over appearance keep young people from being their best selves, affecting their health, friendships, and even performance at school.

For more than 10 years, we’ve been helping parents, mentors, teachers, and youth leaders deliver self-esteem education that’s reached more than 20 million young people so far. Join us to help reach even more.”

Dove’s overall mission is to help young people overcome body image issues and fulfill their potential by building positive body confidence and self-esteem. Dove partnered with American Television Producer Shonda Rhimes on the project and they are spreading awareness through conversations, blogs, resources, conferences, social media, and special events!

The Self-Esteem Project is part of Dove’s Girl Collective which is a sisterhood that builds body confidence and challenges beauty stereotypes for all women and girls.

I think what Dove is doing is great and it brings awareness to a deep issue that begins at a very young age. It has become more popular for companies to take a stance towards an issue and this topic, in particular, is one that is very looked over. I think, from a marketing standpoint, this campaign was a great idea to build up the brand’s image.

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