Binge-watch Babish

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Binge-watch Babish

Have you ever watched a show or movie with a famous food that leaves you wondering, “What would this actually taste like?” Things like Spongebob’s Krabby Patty, Elf’s Dessert Pasta, and Bob’s Burgers come to mind. Some of these you might want to try, and others sound less appealing, but the curiosity is there either way. What YouTube channel Binging with Babish starring Andrew Rea has done is make this possibility a reality. His page blew up when he first recreated the Moistmaker sandwich from Friends, and ever since, he has been presenting his own interpretations of these foods for people at home to see recreated.

The videos he posts are a cinematic production filmed in his New York City kitchen. Rea begins each one with a clip from the show or movie where they reference the food item, and then leads into his signature angle of his torso and the kitchen counter. He goes all out with the process, making everything from scratch and staying as true to the description as possible. And he will go to extremes to test out these meals, even recreating the Chocolate Cake from Matilda with his actual blood and sweat.

Though the recreations are likely why Rea has such a large following, he does put out other food-related content like a series called Basics with Babish in which he explains in detail some base level cooking techniques. He shares his knowledge on a range of kitchen topics, from all the best ways to cook eggs to pantry essentials. His overall dry humor, willingness to take risks, and aesthetically-pleasing shots are some of the reasons the channel is extremely successful, with over 3 million subscribers to date. There’s really no one else on YouTube doing what Rea is doing. He has expertly built his own personal brand with the channel and leaves me looking forward to what wild concoctions will come next.

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Lilli Boren

Lilli Boren

October 15, 2018at 4:17 pm

I am honestly so happy you told me about this! I will definitely be looking him up later tonight because, as you said, I have always wanted to know if these recipes are as good as the hype. Additionally, I wouldn’t be surprised if his videos get picked up on Netflix or Hulu, since his take on cooking provides a unique and fun viewpoint that can compete with the big boys – like Foodnetwork and Tasty.

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