Coldplay’s 20-Year Anniversary Documentary

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Coldplay’s 20-Year Anniversary Documentary

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It’s crazy to think that Coldplay has been together for almost 20 years now. To celebrate this milestone, they are releasing a documentary called “Head Full of Dreams”. The film is featuring behind-the-scenes and live footage from their “Head Full of Dreams” tour that they just finished up, as well as unseen archived footage from their days in the early stages of Coldplay. The director of the documentary, Mat Whitecross, has been filming the band since their very first rehearsal in college. The documentary will be in select theaters worldwide on November 14th. For one day, and one day only. However, from November 16th, the film will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Because my dad is from England, I naturally grew up listening to Coldplay all the time. So, you could say we’re both very excited to watch this documentary, hopefully at a theater that is chosen as one of the 2,000 select theaters that will be playing it. This documentary is a great way to connect with their older fans who have been with them since the beginning, as well as their younger fans who maybe only discovered them a few years ago. It’s going to be a great synopsis of the band as a whole and their entire journey, and even a look inside what their live concerts are like if people weren’t able to make it to one of their shows on any of their tours.

The band is advertising this release on all of their social media platforms to get people to come see it in theaters and to unite fans across the globe. Coldplay’s Instagram page posted about this news this past Friday, October 12th. They even made an entire website ( dedicated to keeping fans updated on news about the release of the documentary and a place where fans can put in their email and the city that they live in to get email updates about when tickets go on sale and what theaters will be playing the film.

Below is the trailer for the documentary, and I highly encourage anyone who likes Coldplay to watch it, and maybe consider going to a theater near you to see it on November 14th.



Luke Miltner

Luke Miltner

October 15, 2018at 5:03 pm

I think this is a somewhat brilliant strategy for promoting this documentary. Giving it only one day in theaters gives fans a sense of urgency to go see it, and likely convinces many to go who would otherwise be on the border. While it does potentially limit their revenue from the film, it makes it a rare commodity worth getting more excited about.
It is, in a sense, a call to immediate action rather than simply drawing interest. The limited nature, even if it is on amazon prime later, makes me interested in going even though I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard Coldplay fan.

Olivia Grimm

Olivia Grimm

October 16, 2018at 11:04 am

I had no idea that Coldplay has been together for 20 years. It’s crazy to think that they have reached such a wide audience in their years. I attended a concert of theirs about two years ago and remember seeing people of all ages there. My mom went with her friends and I went with my friends. That in and of itself shows you the wide age gap and how they can bring so many people together through their music.

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