Facebook Portal or Facebook Fluke?

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Facebook Portal or Facebook Fluke?

Facebook has been under some intense scrutiny over these past couple days, with many of its users questioning whether the company actually values user privacy as the company says it does. Still, that hasn’t stopped the launch of Portal, Facebook’s new, hands-free smart screen for video chatting. The technology includes a camera that tracks your motion to make sure you stay in view throughout the duration of the video call along with a system that decreases background noise to enhance the voice of whoever is talking.

The reception for this new smart device has certainly been critical in the wake of Facebook’s privacy concerns. It seems like the company is still attempting to recover after the incident with the UK consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. If this one user’s tweet is any indication of how consumers are feeling about Facebook’s release of Portal, the company has its work cut out for it when it comes to regaining the trust of its users.


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Kacie James

Kacie James

October 16, 2018at 11:20 am

Yea it is very interesting they chose to release this among the scrutiny of privacy concerns. I took the liberty to go look at their website and thought you may find it interesting that they claim privacy settings. Here are a few features they claim. They claim that there is a feature to turn the camera and microphone on and off and utilized the slogan “Private by Design.” And they continued to state “Facebook doesn’t listen to, view or keep the contents of your Portal video calls. Your Portal conversations stay between you and the people you’re calling.” In my opinion, it seems the portal may offer too much privacy to be true and makes me weary as to how much of their claims are true or untrue.

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