Houston Texans Utilizing Social Media to Increase Engagement

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Houston Texans Utilizing Social Media to Increase Engagement

In the world of sports, the main source of competition is always on the field or court. However, despite the intense competition between the lines an intense competition exists on social media. Professional sports franchises are an interesting case in marketing as their primary product (games) is perishable and cannot continue to be sold regularly like most consumer goods. Due to the uniqueness of the sports product sports franchises now regularly advertise on social media to help maintain interest in their team. Sports franchises have maintained a balance of posting updates on the team including practice reports and injury updates and interesting videos to increase interest in the upcoming game. One example of a team using social media to maintain fan includes the Houston Texans. One of the Texans players had a nice spin move on a defender during a game and the Texans used this play to immediately gain exposure on social media. The Texans made a very creative video clip of their player spinning around various cartoon episodes, video games, and even during other athletic events:

The Texans were able to take a play from a game and utilize it in a creative way to help drive engagement from fans. The video had nearly three hundred thousand views and hundreds of retweets. Teams need to follow the Houston Texans’ lead and craft creative content to increase engagement on social media.

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Andy Burnett

Andy Burnett

October 15, 2018at 6:39 pm

I agree, social media is a great way for sport franchises to drive consumer engagement, even during the offseason. Posting relevant content that features the players allows fans to feel connected throughout the year.

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