Instagram: Name tags and School Communities

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Instagram: Name tags and School Communities

Social Medias are always trying to stay relevant and updated to retain their consumers, as well as, gain new consumers. Whether it is adding new features or simply changing their lay-out social media platforms are constantly evolving to become bigger and better. In relation to this, Instagram has just announced their new features; Name tags and School Communities in hopes to allow for users to find friend or acquittances easier.

Name Tags is similar to Snapchat’s emoticon to add other users. They call them “customizable identification cards” that allow people to connect through Instagram. Each user will have a unique scanner code and by simply moving your camera over the scanner code their account with a name and profile will pop-up on one’s phone, allowing to follow or view their Instagram account.

Instagram is hoping that these name tags are a new and innovative way to gain followers and access new profiles easier when meeting via face-to-face.

School Communities has also been announced by Instagram and is in the pilot currently. It is a new feature that should allow students to find their classmates. The feature will allow students to categorize themselves by graduation date, university, student groups and more.

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