Release Weeks + Sneak Peeks

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Release Weeks + Sneak Peeks

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Typically when an artist releases an album it is common practice for the songs and information related to the album to be kept very much under wraps.  Yes, there will be promotions and build up well in advance in order to spark fans’ interest in the official release, as well as at least one single released prior to the album.  However, additional information regarding the contents of the album are kept secret as to not spoil any surprises.  This is the normal process- usually.  But contemporary Christian artist Lauren Daigle, decided to take a different approach when promoting the release of her latest album Look up Child, and judging from the immense success the album has seen so far, it doesn’t sound like this approach spoiled anything.

For three days leading up to the release, Daigle posted sneak peeks of three different songs on the record- “Your Wings”, “This Girl”, and “Rescue”.  Each sneak peek contained an audio clip of the song as well as displayed its lyrics, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of what was in store for them on the record.  And while normally posting additional information prior to the album drop might decrease some of the suspense behind the release, through the platforms Daigle used, I believe it did nothing but build the suspense that much more. Through posting these videos to her Instagram and Facebook pages, Daigle was able to share directly to fans who would be interested in the content and simultaneously accomplish two marketing tasks at the same time.

  1. Remaining in the consideration set.  Identical to the way brands compete with each other to be in the consideration set, musical artists compete to be the one that fans desire to listen to. Especially in the age of streaming where fans can pull up any artists at any time, artists must continue to remind listeners of their work and that they are an option when it comes to picking what tunes to listen to. By releasing sneak peeks of her songs, Lauren Daigle reminded fans that her music is an option and that fans should check it out.
  2. Conveying the quality of her product.  Brands have to remind consumers of the quality of the product they are offering, and why it is important to consumers that they buy in to it.  Music is a product, and by allowing fans a glimpse of her album, Lauren Daigle was advertising the quality of what was to come.  This helps increase brand loyalty and can encourage on-the-fence listeners to commit to purchasing or supporting her album.

As a personal fan of Lauren Daigle I know that the sneak peeks only got me more excited to hear the remaining songs on the album, and yes… I did go and listen to it three times in a row the morning of its full release.  If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend!

*Click below to check out the links to each song sneak peek:

  1. “Your Wings”
  2. “This Girl”
  3. “Rescue”


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