Sidney Crosby Surprises Kenya’s Lone Hockey Team

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Sidney Crosby Surprises Kenya’s Lone Hockey Team

In a great corporate social responsibility move last week, Tim Horton’s coffee recruited pro hockey player Sidney Crosby to compete against the country’s lone hockey team. The Kenya Ice Lions were invited to Canada for an exhibition match, but were shocked to see the world icon and other NHL players waiting to play with them.

Additionally, Tim Horton’s supplied the Ice Lions with brand new custom gear, and will fund a youth league in the country. The players were overcome with emotion and shock, but Crosby was left even more impressed by the Ice Lions’ genuine excitement for the game.

It’s rare that a company can have a positive social impact that doesn’t look gimmicky, but Tim Horton’s certainly hit a home run here. Supporting another country and providing the Kenyans with the opportunity of a lifetime shines a great light on the coffee makers

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Tyler Farmer

Tyler Farmer

October 15, 2018at 6:37 pm

A tip of the cap to Tim Horton’s for this. This is fantastic gesture, and I’m sure it is something that those players will never forget. I agree with your point that this idea seemed genuine, and I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t gotten more publicity.

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