Social Media & Word of Mouth

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Social Media & Word of Mouth

There’s no doubt social media has drastically changed the landscape of marketing, but its also changed word of mouth. In the past there wasn’t a place for consumers who had a positive experience to rave about it and there wasn’t a place for unhappy consumers to come together to get their frustrations out. Rather, they could just tell their friends, family and those actually around them throughout the day. During this time, a few minor mistakes didn’t have a significant impact. Now, they have the potential to culminate and have significant impact on the entire brand.

The angry customer can go viral, spreading rapidly and serve as a major threat to brand image. The main lesson: treat each and every customer right. Your focus is not on the consumers overall, but rather on each individual consumer because in this new world – each and every customer voice matters. Training, efficiency and attention to detail matters more than ever.

This change isn’t all bad though, if a company gets it right – they can get it really right! The positive actions can go viral as well. Consumers consistently sing praise to brands like Chick-fil-a and Delta online. There is HUGE opportunity to receive exposure and even have success go viral.

So what can you do? Use social media to monitor and quickly receive customer feedback. Be quick and apologetic to correct mistakes. Embrace opportunities to interact with consumers and further build their relationship to the brand. Find out where your weaknesses are and seek ways to improve.

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