The Break-Up We Were All Expecting

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The Break-Up We Were All Expecting

After a very short engagement—let alone relationship—Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have announced they are splitting up. And it seems as though the whole world knew it was coming.

The two began dating this past summer in May, and after about a week or two announced they were engaged. Pete even bought Ariana a huge diamond ring. When news broke of this pending marriage, the internet went wild. How could you devote your life to someone after dating them for for a week? How could Ariana fall in love with someone so quickly after ending her relationship with Mac Miller only a few months prior? Was this all some kind of publicity stunt for Ariana’s album that was released this August??

Although this relationship between Pete and Ariana came on quickly, and at a very complicated and sad time (when Mac Miller passed away), it is very hard to tell what the true intentions of the two were. It seemed as though they started dating and the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship got to their heads, convincing them they were madly in love. Or maybe they truly did think they were in love, and the reality of the world quickly burdened their relationship. Nonetheless, fast engagements are quite common amongst celebrities. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom getting married after only 3 months of dating, and more recently Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin getting engaged after dating on and off. It seems as though since these celebrities have the money they can make such rash, huge decisions regarding marriage. They can all afford diamond rings, elaborate weddings, and divorce lawyers, that the rest of the world can’t—so we’ll stick to the old-fashioned way of falling in love.

Back to Ariana and Pete, when they announced they were splitting up, the internet went crazy. It seems as though half of the world knew it was a matter of time before they split, while others are sad they are no longer together. People have been creating countless memes poking fun at the relationship including the ex-couples matching tattoos, the song Ariana wrote about Pete that is featured on her latest album, and the fact that Ariana makes more money than Pete. And although the whole world saw this coming, do you think Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson will ever get back together?

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