Airline Social Media: Part 7

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Airline Social Media: Part 7

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7th airline up: Vueling

Places I have flown to on Vueling: Rome, Italy

1st Platform up: Facebook

Their Facebook is much more sophisticated than their Twitter. Their facebook shows they are proud to be based win Spain as many of their post showcase activities, cultures, traditions in Barcelona/other areas of Spain. They also I found to have a great response time to the comments on their posts. Noticing that showed me they take time to invest in their customers. They also solidified my assumptions by posting ways they have made traveling easier such as the boarding pass being put in your GooglePay, explaining culture and decorating planes as all shown below. These little tactics show me that they want to interact with their customers and want to please their current and potential customers. I think they need to post more often and develop more but their overall strategy is working. 

2nd Platform up: Twitter

The main way Vueling uses their Twitter account is to provide information about flight delays or cancellations. Therefore, this means for customer service. I enjoyed how they used a hashtag #VuelingInforms to show when a post is about weather or other important. I had never seen this done with other airlines so this was a huge plus in my opinion. There were not many other types of posts besides retweets. I was very underwhelmed by how many times they posted and most of their posts are in Spanish which made it more difficult to read them. I understand that they are a European based company, however, based on past airline companies I have analyzed, it is very possible to market to the correct group and make adjustments to the language barrier. They will occasionally post the same post but in English which was extremely helpful but most of them are still in Spanish. I also think they need to develop more of a personality and engage with their customers on Twitter. If they do so, their following will grow and hopefully their customer base will as well.

Be sure to check back net week when I look at another airline!

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