Get the Inside Scoop with ENews’ Instagram

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Get the Inside Scoop with ENews’ Instagram

I am a huge fan of pop culture. I pride myself on knowing things happening in Hollywood right when they happen. However, while I like to think I am a great source of pop culture knowledge…my inside source to the celebrities is an Instagram account with over 11 million followers. So, while I feel like the ultimate insider, I am far from it.

This Instagram account is ENews, and they post over 10 times a day with ALL of the new celebrity gossip. They use Instagram as a platform for distributing information to the masses. They realize the demographic they are trying to reach/the people who actually care about the lives of celebrities don’t read the news so they figured out that posting on Instagram is the best way to get the information to the right people at the right time. Each post has an article that goes along with it that is at the link in their bio. I think this is a genius way to relay information to the public because if someone really wants to learn more than just the surface of the situation, ENews has a whole article ready to be read. This allows the followers to be in control of the news and content they digest.

This approach to news definitely would not be a thing without social media, and I feel as though this way to deliver news could become the next big thing. In the future, other accounts and news sources should look into adopting this method of news delivery!

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