Hurricane Michael’s Impact on Tourism

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Hurricane Michael’s Impact on Tourism

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Hurricane season is in full force and on Wednesday, October 10th Hurricane Michael slammed the U.S. east coast. Mexico Beach, FL and Panama City, FL were two cities drastically impacted by the storm. Many sources are claiming the damages estimates could reach $4.5 billion and could impact the coast for generations to come. This is bad news for anyone living in the area, but even more so when a business thrives on visitors to the area.

Tourism to the Florida panhandle will be nonexistent for months and possibly years to come. However, professionals in the tourism marketing industry located on the panhandle believe the recovery will be faster and stronger than ever before. A lot needs to happen before it’s safe for tourists to come back, but hopefully the recovery efforts happen quickly and summer 2019 will offer a comeback for the region.

How long do you think it will take for vacationers to consider visiting the Florida panhandle once again?

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