I’m in a Pinterest Phase

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I’m in a Pinterest Phase

I’ve been going through a Pinterest phase recently. I don’t follow any one, and I keep all of my boards private. I don’t really see it as a form of social media, more of a distraction. I’ve also used the platform for a couple of jobs recently. It’s surprising to me how many times I’ve been asked to simply produce an idea board, a place of inspiration. That, and it’s a really great way to see ample amounts of pictures of puppies.

My understanding is that Pinterest uses your pins as a way to select what photos appear in your feed. Recently, I’ve been feeling like Pinterest is off base in a lot of ways. My feed is full of a bunch of pictures that don’t really fit. I don’t know if this means that Pinterest knows me better than I know myself, and I all of the sudden have bad taste or if my pins aren’t quite translating. I figured I could take this time to expose my favorite Pinterest boards.

  1. Normal Food
    1. I started this Pinterest board last semester when I signed a lease to move to Normal Town for this year. In my opinion, its the best part of Athens, so come visit sometime. I lived in a sorority house for the past couple of years, so I was tasked with cooking my own meals. I used this board as a place to collect easy, simple recipes that would be difficult to mess up. It consists of a lot of salmon, stuffed bell-peppers, and rice bowls. So far, I think I’ve made only one.
  2. Future Doggo
    1. This, as you would assume, is a Pinterest board of different types of dogs that I would be interested in getting in the next couple years. I recently decided that I’m going to get a Vizsla and name it Peaches. Let me know what you think.
  3. Simon Flops
    1. Ok this one is super weird. I have always really liked rabbits. I had three pet rabbits growing up. I had a great idea to get a rabbit with my roommates, but unfortunately not everyone was on board. One of my roommates really took to the idea, I think bc I paid her off, but we started a shared board for our future pet that we plan to name Simon Flops. I wish I could explain the name, but I honestly can’t remember the story.

Well, there it is. Not super exciting, which is why I keep my boards private.

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