Phone Eats First: How Mama’s Boy Markets Themselves Via Social Media

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Phone Eats First: How Mama’s Boy Markets Themselves Via Social Media

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“Amazing food served everyday…A variety of fresh ingredients…Southern fun dining in Athens, GA.”

True. True. And true. I love Mama’s Boy!!! You can never go wrong with grabbing brunch here. The wait may be ridiculously long, but I’m telling you it’s more than worth it. I’m salivating just thinking about their biscuits and gravy.

I’m writing this blog at 10 in the morning and I highly regret doing this because I can’t stop scrolling through their Instagram and looking at all the amazing specials and incredible menu items they serve. I mean really, they’re sweet potato hash bowl with bacon, roasted squash and shisito peppers with eggs and herbed butter looks to die for and the countless cinnamon roll pictures are my all time favorite.

Alright, here comes the breakdown of their Instagram game. I want to start off by saying that I think Mama’s Boy is in the lead right now for best Instagram marketing out of the six other restaurants I’ve reviewed thus far. They seriously are doing so many things right. With 8,461 followers, they have the most amount of followers compared to all the other restaurants and they are only following 273 people so they’re ratio is looking really good. With all of these followers, they’re also getting a good amount of traffic on their posts, averaging around 200 likes and 10 comments. I am a tad confused, though, as to why their posts aren’t getting a more consistent number of likes and comments. For instance, a picture of their banana split pancakes got 294 likes and 17 comments while the picture posted right before, which is their split biscuit topped with smoked pork loin, fried artichoke hearts, poached eggs & herb hollandaise, got only 89 likes and 1 comment. Their profile picture is a simple, easy to find picture of their logo. They don’t need anything more or anything less. Now, onto the posts themselves. Wow. I mean wow!! Their food looks absolutely incredible. Obviously I’ve visited Mama’s Boy many times so I know their food tastes as good as it looks, but if for some odd reason you’ve never been, take my word for it.

Do you see these blueberry pancakes, steak and eggs benedict, and breakfast scrambler special? My stomach is now growling. The food is perfectly placed in the first two photos to highlight the best parts of the food (which is every part really) and I love that they threw in a picture of their chalkboard, it just gives it a more homie and traditional feel.

I also love that every so often, Mama’s Boy throws in a  picture of one of their employees holding up a plate of their food. It allows viewers to get to know the employees a little bit and it makes me feel like their employees genuinely enjoy working at the restaurant. It makes me wonder if the plate the employees are holding are their favorite dish at the restaurant. Maybe I’m just thinking too far into things, though.

If I could post more pictures of Mama’s Boy’s Instagram I would, but I genuinely can’t choose which ones deserve the most credit. You have to go check it our for yourself; but, make sure you’re not hungry like I am.

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Olivia Grimm

Olivia Grimm

I am a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Georgia studying Real Estate and Marketing in the Terry College of Business.


Allison Suddath

Allison Suddath

October 16, 2018at 10:50 am

Mama’s Boy never disappoints and now I’m definitely going to follow their instagram. This may not be the best idea for my waistline or my bank account but this is the kind of content I’m here for.

Maddie Smith

Maddie Smith

October 16, 2018at 12:00 pm

WOW I wish I had eaten breakfast! This made me so hungry because even though I don’t follow Mama’s Boy on Instagram, I can tell they do a great job. I can basically smell the cinnamon rolls as I close out of this browser and open Instagram and hit follow on their account. Thank you Olivia for bringing my attention to this well rounded social media account!

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