The #GirlCollective Sisterhood by Dove

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The #GirlCollective Sisterhood by Dove

I was scrolling through my daily news one morning (Twitter) and came across this tweet by actress Jazz Jennings which was partnered with Dove and Shonda Rhimes. The video speaks about how outside voices influence girls negatively feel about their appearance and promotes Dove’s campaign “Dove Self Esteem Project”. Jazz Jennings mentions in the tweet that 6 in 10 girls believe that to do well in life they have to look a certain way, which is unacceptable. The tweet also includes a link to a private group on Facebook called “Dove Girl Collective”, which is a private forum for women to “build confident and challenge beauty stereotypes”. As an empowered women, I decided to join the group and came across a few questions I had to answer before being accepted.

I really like how Dove is using their brand to promote self-esteem for women, helping in building confidence more than a specific product. Using celebrities like award-winning Shonda Rhimes and Jazz Jennings and their platforms on Twitter to endorse the campaign, as well as utilizing other social media like Facebook to create a private forum for women is a very good strategic move. The campaign is already receiving lots of positive reviews and support.

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