Voter Registration Scandal(s)

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Voter Registration Scandal(s)

In recent years, there has been a stronger and stronger push to get people vote. We started seeing a push during the 2008 and also the 2012 presidential elections when President Obama positively disrupted political campaigns. However, after the most recent 2016 presidential election, people have been determined more than ever to alter the face of American politics. In the past, it seemed as though there were more obvious voter suppression tactics that slowly had to be weened out, and also many people felt as though they were wasting their votes as there was hardly a genuine politician to represent them. But now, there are genuine politicians that have to fight a hard battle against the run-of-the-mill “American politician”. One of the biggest battles to fight in the most recent races are the loyal voters to the “old school”, often-times GOP politicians that have their own agenda and do not necessarily represent the mass (though they tend to trick many into thinking they do). However, as we are now discovering, another huge battle to fight is the subtle voter suppression.

Georgia’s governor’s race is well underway with Stacey Abrams (D) running against Brian Kemp (R). Abrams has created an image of positive change for the people. She has been known to fight for those who have not been equally represented while also creating an agenda that will propel Georgia into a forward-thinking mindset. Kemp, on the other hand has done no such thing. He has separated himself as a politically incorrect politician with racists and inappropriate advertisements that parallel the rhetoric of trump. Unfortunately, Kemp has been in charge of Georgia elections and voter registration. While he claims to have made voting easier for all, many reports have come out stating otherwise.

Since 2012, he has cancelled over 1.4 million voter registration applications and 670,000 were cancelled in 2017 alone. Recently, it has been discovered the Brian Kemp has blocked 53,000, mostly African American in regards to this year’s deadline. These voters have been blocked thanks to his highly criticized “exact match” policy which requires application information to exactly match a diver’s ID, state ID, or Social Security card. Many people have been blocked due to missing hyphens or apostrophes or discrepancies with maiden names. This is highly criticized because this law is said to have disproportionately affected minority people.

There are many other voter suppression tactics around the entire country that tends to affect minority groups way more. In Alabama, people are required to have a government issued ID. Many African Americans do not have cars, and therefore, use their public housing ID which is not allowed. However, Alabama shut down the DMVs in black belt counties leaving many African Americans who do not have cars having to travel 50 miles to get an ID. Many of these tactics are meant to deter people from registering or to deter people from going to the polls. Sounds a lot like the Civil Rights Era right?

For Georgia voters that have been blocked, they can actually still go vote if they verify their information at the polls! However, many do not and will not know this by the time the election rolls around.

My note: if you are blocked and if you are registered, please go vote. If you are tired of politicians lying their way into office only to make policies that benefit their pockets, please go vote. If you have been absolutely disgusted since November 2016, please…go…vote.


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Mikayla Coverson

Mikayla Coverson

October 16, 2018at 1:20 pm

I am about to go vote. Your call to action was amazing. Your passion is amazing. You, my friend, are amazing.

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