Waze: Beating Out Google Maps as the Navigating King?

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Waze: Beating Out Google Maps as the Navigating King?

I personally depended completely on Google Maps when I first started driving. I liked the multiple route options, the accurate trip estimations, and traffic dependability. However, once I started hearing about the unique features on Waze, my loyalty started to change. Even though both are owned by Google, there are some key differences. Google is your basic GPS navigation map with business details and alternative transportation routes. Waze actually works like a social network, giving you a profile and ability to report what you come across on the roads- collaborating community feedback into a navigation app. Being able to report and foresee a cop on the map was a gamechanger for me being a speed demon. In addition, with the integration of Spotify users do not have to switch between the 2 apps to control music.

Last week, Waze announced that it will support its new carpool service nationwide. It will compete against Uber Pool and Lyft Lines to get multiple people to the same destinations. Riders can filter through different options like ratings, gender, common friends, and jobs to choose their riders/drivers. These drivers are differnt from Uber & Lyft drivers in that they are heading to their day job along with the rider, and do not drive passengers for their income. Drivers can only do this twice a day. Right now, all rides will be $2 a person then 54 cents a mile with the payments all being handled within the app. Deals are being created between universities and employers, such as Amazon. Time and money is saved by people heading to the same places riding together.

Waze’s faults include no walking, biking, and public transportation features. In a big city, that can be the difference between a person choosing another navigation app. Waze also has ads for nearby restaurants, stores, etc when you get near them. There is a lot of clutter and buttons to press making it confusing. I think cleaning up the app will turn even more users loyal to Waze.


Alyssa Douglas

alyssa douglas

October 16, 2018at 11:09 am

I did not know Waze is creating a driving service. I think it is a hard market to get into, but since Waze already has so much buzz around it’s name, it has a good chance of being successful. It is also interesting how they are differentiating the service compared to Uber and Lyft.

KP Wilkinson

KP Wilkinson

October 16, 2018at 11:39 am

I personally am a firm believer in Waze. It is always way faster even though sometimes it takes you through the boonies. Definitely a game-changer. I have seen maps attempt to compete by coming up with faster routes as well, but they haven’t added the police features or traffic updates for wrecks etc.

Kylie Zamer

Kylie Zamer

October 16, 2018at 12:44 pm

I found this extremely relevant, as I used both of the navigation devices just the other day while driving back from New Orleans. On such a long drive, you definitely want to make sure that you are avoiding all accidents and traffic so that you are able to get home as soon as possible. I admit, I’m a loyal Google Maps user, but my friends felt the same about Waze. I had no idea that Waze was going to implement a carpool service, but that is super interesting.

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