What is “Bkstg”?

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What is “Bkstg”?

While working on my brand comparison project, I came across a social media platform for music artists that I had never heard of before: Bkstg. Some of the biggest artists of today are using this platform, including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Maroon 5. I was intrigued and set out to find more about it.

The mission of Bkstg is to be a platform where music artists can directly connect with and communicate with their biggest fans. Through the site fans can also buy tickets and merchandise from their favorite artists. Fans can participate in challenges to win free items from the artist, join groups and chat with other fans, and view recent posts from their favorite artist. Artists will often release exclusive tracks, tickets, and videos through the site. The idea is to build a stronger connection between artist and fans.

One interesting fact I learned while reading an article on Tech Cruch said “five to ten percent of a fan base will often drive 80% of total revenue for a particular artist.” So how would an artist know which fans are the 5-10%? Bkstg tells the artist exactly which fans are purchasing the most merch, listening to music, buying tickets, and watching video content. By identifying the person’s name, they can reach out to them with exclusive offers, or even just to thank them personally for their support.

I think Bkstg has a great idea going for them, and could be a one-stop spot for fans to interact with their favorite stars, and I am curious to see how they grow in the future and how many more artists will opt in to participate on their site. What are your thoughts on this idea?

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Savannah Watson

Savannah Watson

October 16, 2018at 1:48 pm

I love hearing about new, up and coming social medias. As a music lover I am especially interested in this and plan to download it myself. Seeing their business model progress will be interesting as well. I wonder if they give artists that use the app exclusive offers or if the artists simply choose to use it.

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