The Internship: Movie Review

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The Internship: Movie Review

The Internship, released in 2013, featuring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as Nick Campbell and Billy McMahon respectfully, is about two buddies who constantly feel like anything they do inevitably ends in utter failure. With the distress of getting fired from their sales job, the pair take on the challenge of being interns at Google for the summer.

I thought the movie was entertaining, the overall storyline was creative, and there were many things in the movie that could be said about contemporary society. With the story revolving around two friends interning for one of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley; it’s also a place where some of the most youngest, brightest, innovative and foward thinking people are gathered together. So with that in mind, Nick and Billy are already outcasted in the place where they are interning. They’re seems to be a whole theme of technology, and aged vs youth type of dialogue going in the movie and that seems to be a driving factor for miscommunication.

With Nick and Billy placed in a team of much younger interns as part of the summer internship, diversity in mindsets seems to be drifting the team apart since the beginning. With two groups of completely different way thinking, collaboration seems to be impossible as well as co-operation in the beginning. The pressures of working at a technology guru company such as Google only adds to the pressure of working together as a team as well. Yes, Billy and Nick may be older and not as technically proficient as the others, but they do have leadership, real life experience, and sales pitch skills that can only be learned through age. They also bring the team together and learn to use their differences in thinking to help propel themselves in the competition even though it may have seemed impossible.

Overall what I’ve learned in this movie is that technology, social platforms, innovations are growing at exponential rate faster than people are learning to adopt it. Also in a place like Google, sometimes the only way to differentiate yourself from the already brilliant and skilled minds is to think differently that might be beyond reason and logic sometimes.

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