Chef: Movie Review #2

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Chef: Movie Review #2


Chef is a movie showing the transformation of the cooking world along with the importance of family throughout a mouth watering food filled journey to a personalized food truck named, El Jefe.

Carl Casper is a renowned Chef that works in Gauloise in Brentwood, California and has high hopes for himself and his kitchen staff, but the owner, Riva, wants Carl to continue to stick to the restaurant classics. This is a major issue with Carl, as it is with all exceptional chefs, but it becomes a significant issue when Ramsey Michel, a food blogger, criticizes Carl Casper for his boring and classic menu. Carl becomes infuriated and ultimately creates a public scene to get himself fired from his established job.

This issue puts Chef Casper into a major slum and he looses his love of cooking, but soon finds he must find his passion again due to his son, Percy and his trip to Miami. Carl works to create his own food truck, El Jefe, focusing on Mexican staples such as homemade cubans.

Chef Casper creates a food truck sensation and travels all across the United States selling his infamous cubanos and building a relationship with his son Percy. Along the way his attitude is filled with gratitude for his company surrounding him and him being able to focus on what he truly loves, cooking.

Chef was one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2014 and will put all family and friends into the mood to create a delicious grilled cheese or a family dinner to sit down and enjoy.

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