Movie Review: “The Intern” Edition

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Movie Review: “The Intern” Edition

The Intern is a 2015 film, starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. The comedy tells the tale of a young business owner, Jules, that hires a “senior intern” to show that she is complying with anti-age discrimination laws. The start-up company is an online fashion retail site, and Ben applies to the job because he is bored of retirement, as he is a widower. Ben isn’t incredibly welcome at first, but as a charming gentleman, he wins over the people at the office. He actually becomes close friends with Jules, and she confides in him regarding business decisions and even issues in her personal life.

Ben also meets Fiona, a masseuse in the office, and there is an immediate connection between the two of them. Ben is considering being in a relationship again, even though it’s been tough getting over his late wife. It was a nice touch of a happy ending for a very lovable character.

The movie included a rollercoaster of emotions. The movie had romance, friendship, comedy, and even moments of sadness. I enjoyed the feelings the movie had me go through during the storyline. My favorite scene was when the co-workers have to break into Jules’ mother’s house, in order to delete an email that was sent to her by mistake. The guys are all panicking about getting caught, and the freak-out gave me a good laugh. Overall, I enjoyed the film and would definitely recommend it to my friends!

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