Movie Review- “The Social Network”

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Movie Review- “The Social Network”

“The Social Network” explores the growth of Facebook from its infancy. For those who may not know the history behind the platform, this movie is interesting and informative. Viewers with prior knowledge of the events can enjoy it too because it is a well-executed film. The cast is strong. The primary founders/investors are portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, (Mark Zuckerberg) Justin Timberlake, (Sean Parker), and Andrew Garfield (Eduardo Saverin).

The film revolves around three main aspects: Facebook’s creation and initial user growth, expansion into a company, and the tension and controversy between Zuckerberg and Saverin due to stock dilution. The plot captures these elements well by providing needed background into its creation at Harvard and initial spread to prestigious college campuses. The plot then shifts into the rapid expansion phase, followed by the lawsuits created by greed, betrayal, and unimaginable fiscal growth.

From a marketing standpoint, “The Social Network” provides a unique glimpse into the core of one of the world’s most influential social media platforms. Though some aspects are exaggerated to create entertainment and drama, it is a movie worthy of its lofty reviews.

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