The Circle:A Movie Review

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The Circle:A Movie Review

For my second movie review, I decided to watch “The Circle.” This movie initially attracted me because I had never heard of the movie despite the presence of Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in the film. Emma Watson plays a character named Mae Holland, who gets a job at an extremely powerful technology company called The Circle. Mae starts out as a lower level employee, however, her creativity and hard work allow her to climb the ranks within the company. The founder of The Circle, Eamon Bailey, portrayed by Tom Hanks develops a plan to place hidden cameras all over the world to help curve destructive human behavior. This plan instantly raises questions of privacy and morality that the audience has to answer as the movie continues.

As the movie progresses Mae decides to implement Eamon’s plan and have cameras on her at all times. This allows people to watch her movements 24/7 and truly hold Mae accountable for any negative decisions she makes. Even though she initially thinks the cameras will work perfectly she soon sees the flaws in having cameras capture her every move. She soon captures awkward encounters with friends and even her parents that should never be filmed. Things continue to spiral out of control when the cameras cause one of Mae’s friends, Mercer, to die in a horrible car accident.

The movie ends with Mae asking her bosses to wear the cameras, knowing they lead very private lives and would not like the experience. The audience knows the bosses will not accept her request as they are fine monitoring others but not having their own actions monitored. This ending depicts the modern issue of companies monitoring our browsing and shopping habits in order to gather more information on consumers with little oversight. I thought this movie was interesting because it showed a possible world where people have lost power to mega corporations and have to fight to fight for their rights. Overall this movie was an exciting cautionary tale warning against using technology for the wrong reasons.


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