The Intern – Movie Review

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The Intern – Movie Review

The Intern is an entertaining, feel-good movie with an unexpected combination of actors. Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro display an interesting dynamic of boss and intern. The movie starts out with Jules hiring Ben to adhere to anti-discrimination laws because her office lacks older employees. It may seem odd that Ben, a retired man, would want to intern with a fashion company. However, he finds he is bored with retirement and wants to interact with people after the passing of his wife. At first, Ben feels like an outcast, but he has so much experience to offer to the company. He works hard and gets people at the office to like him after a while.

Jules is struggling to find her way throughout the movie until Ben comes along. What started out as a way to comply with regulations turns into a close friendship between characters. Ben helps Jules get it together by being her shoulder to lean on. He becomes much more important than just a senior intern.

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I like the overall warm feeling this movie has from start to finish. At times, it has a rather predictable plot, but the characters make the movie fun and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this movie to people looking for a light-hearted and entertaining comedy.

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