The Intern – Movie Review

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The Intern – Movie Review

The Intern is an entertaining comedy film starring Anne Hathaway (as Jules) as a founder of a fashion company and Robert De Niro (as Ben), a senior who decided that he was bored with retirement and wanted to find something to do. He joins the company as an intern. It took Jules a while to warm up to him, but everyone around the office grew to love him.

Ben works harder than almost everyone at the company and strives to do his very best work and gain trust and respect from his boss and coworkers. This movie was such a feel-good movie and I loved seeing how happy Ben was to be working this job. It gave me a better perspective on work and makes me hope that I can find a place after graduation that makes me as happy as Ben was at his job. Ben becomes close friends with Jules and many other coworkers and makes a lot of business decisions and offers tons of advice.

Overall, I loved this movie and thought it was a good “workplace” story. I would recommend this movie to all my friends who are looking for a lighthearted comedy that will make them feel good afterwards! 9/10

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