The Internship: A Movie Review and A Look At Corporate Involvement In Film

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The Internship: A Movie Review and A Look At Corporate Involvement In Film

The Internship is a comedy starring Owen Wilson (as Nick)  and Vince Vaughn (as Billy). The movie follows their characters’ journey as they attempt to pick themselves up after being laid off. Nick and Billy are salesmen, but in a world where sales are shifting more and more towards digital, they fall on hard times. After being laid off, they go to intern for Google, but find some difficulties in adjusting to the culture, as they are the only non college-aged interns. Their objective as interns is to win the intern competition so that they are guaranteed jobs at Google. Billy and Nick are put on a team of outcasts. Early difficulties in gelling with the team are overcome, and the team eventually prevails in the competition and defeats the antagonist.

While this movie is filled with tireless comedy cliches, it was still very enjoyable. The whole thing was fairly predictable, so it relied heavily on the jokes to land, which they did. I found the many different romantic subplots a little excessive. I love romance in movies, but when you have six different people involved as this movie did, it gets to be a bit too much. While it didn’t effect the overall quality of the movie, I didn’t like the feeling that I was watching a 2-hour ad for Google. Since the movie’s plot revolves around characters who are interning at Google, it is inherently going to feature Google logos and products. I guess my main concern would be that more and more movies would be partially controlled by advertisers, and perceptions of those advertisers would be skewed and unrealistic. From a marketing perspective, it is a genius idea. Google got to dictate how they were perceived in this movie, which is an extremely enticing proposition for any company. You also have to realize that only a company like Google could pull something like this off. They are such a cultural staple that no one is going to question a movie with a premise revolving around their company. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more industry giants behind feature films, maybe not in the spotlight like Google was for The Internship, but featured nonetheless.

Overall, I finished this movie feeling glad that I watched it. 6.8/10

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