The Internship Review

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The Internship Review

The Internship has always been a favorite for me, so obviously rewatching it did not seem too bad for an assignment!! Vince Vaughn, an all time favorite of mine, and Owen Wilson make an amazing team. Before watching it the first time, I thought the two were an odd choice to come together. But it only took the first 10 minutes for me to realize how their such different kind of funny personalities come together perfectly. Vince’s sarcastic humor combined with Owen’s quirkiness is magic.

When the two old friends and co-workers get the opportunity of a lifetime at Google, they have no choice but to take it. They spend the summer interning for Google, being “Nooglers”, taking on different challenges in order to win the full time work position with Google. Their team is made up of the outcasts of the interning group, making their team by far the funniest team in the movie. The four other teammates add so much to the movie, but my favorite it Yo-Yo. Every time he talks about his mother, I completely lose it.

One of my favorite scenes is when the team goes to the nightclub and you finally see how each of the team members develop fully. When the team get drunk, it’s like watching freshmen in high school try alcohol for the first time. At the end of the movie, the last challenge is to make an app and find the biggest company. The team convinces Sal, a local pizza owner, to get on board, making the team win the challenge! To me though, the best part of the movie is not the plot, it’s the fact that parts were filmed at Georgia Tech while my brother was there. If you look closely in one of the Google intern meeting scenes, you can see my brother’s best friend as an extra wearing one of my brother’s t-shirts. This movie will never get old.

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Alyssa Douglas

alyssa douglas

October 25, 2018at 11:43 am

I did not know that they filmed scenes at GA Tech. That is so cool!

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