You’ve Got Mail: Movie Review

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You’ve Got Mail: Movie Review

You’ve Got Mail is a film that turned out to be a bit predicative about the way we communicate and build relationships with one another. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan play characters who fall in love with one another via email. Though they believed their identities were masked behind a computer screen, it turns out that they actually knew one another in reality. And those relationships took two very different forms: in real life they hated one another, yet they acted as star-crossed lovers online.

Now “catfishing” was hardly a known phenomenon at this point in time; however, You’ve Got Mail uncovers how easy it is to “get to know” someone without knowing who they are at all. In a world full of information asymmetry and unknowns when it comes to connecting with others online today, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks gave a world who was fairly new to the internet a glimpse of some of its future implications. And although it worked out well for them in the end, and they were able to reconcile the discrepancies between their online and in-person relationships, unknown online communication is seldom that simple today. And it can actually lead to some serious negative consequences if not kept in check.

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