Movie Review: Chef

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Movie Review: Chef

I’ve been meaning to watch Chef for the longest time. People I know that have seen it say it’s in their top 5.

In the culinary comedy, Jon Favreau makes his debut as a director in this film. Jon Favreau also stars in the movie as the main character who takes to twitter and insults a food critic not knowing his reply is public. The twitter feud took became physical, he loses it and has a big meltdown which ends up going viral. As a result, he loses his job and has no prospects. He uses what he has left of his dignity and takes a trip to Miami where his career started with his young son and ex-wife. He then rediscovers his love for Cuban cuisine.

This leads him to the opportunity to run his own food truck and through his young son’s promotion on social media, he becomes a big success. He regains his title as a successful chef, remarries his ex-wife and takes control of his life again.

This movie was so fun to watch. It was funny, passionate and inspiring in a unique way. Definitely recommend!

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