Movie Review: The Circle

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Movie Review: The Circle

After watching the trailer for “The Circle”, I was already very much looking forward to the movie. It features the likes of Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, which usually calls for a pretty good movie. Emma Watson, known as Mae in the movie, suddenly gets a call that she got a job for this company called The Circle. She was very excited about this opportunity since The Circle seemed to be one of the best companies to work at. The founder of The Circle, Tom Hanks, known as Eamon in the movie, created this company to perfect the potential of human beings. He believed with this mindset, humans can end hunger and cure any disease. His plan to do this, started with placing hidden cameras all over the world to see anything and everything that is happening. It is all stored in their database, allowing them to track everything that is happening. Mae is immediately concerned with the privacy and morality issues this can cause and does not think it is right.

Eamon’s plan to perfect Mae was to have cameras on her for every thing she does to hold her accountable for any negative decision she ever makes. She thought this was a good idea until the cameras started capturing private moments with her friends and family and causing her friend to die in a car crash because of the cameras. Mae suggests for the company to have every person in the United States register through them to: pay their taxes, pay parking tickets, pay for anything else, vote. This in a sense, would save everyone tons of time, freeing them up to perfect themselves. In a way, this seems as if The Circle would be taking over the government and having more power than anyone or anything else in the United States. Overall, this movie was very exciting and I believe served a purpose to warn us against the possible power of technology.

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