Movie Review: The Internship

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Movie Review: The Internship

After two salesmen, portrayed by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, lose their job, they quickly try to figure the next steps of their lives. Vince Vaughn’s character finds a Google internship, and though their chances were unlikely, they applied any way and interview through Google Hangouts. No surprise, they get the job! Upon, arrival they quickly find out they are the oldest two in their intern class, and could also be classified as the least tech savvy. Along the way, however, they make their mark on the interns around them, and they and their group climb their way to the top of the class and land the full time jobs.

The interesting part of this movie is that it shows that there is still synergy in a variety of mindsets. Many of the intern groups were comprised of young, tech savvy, college students that all probably had similar goals and majors etc. What set apart Vaughn and Wilson’s group was that they were comprised of people who thought differently from one another. In addition to this movie essentially being one big marketing campaign for Google, it showed how integrated the departments of technology, development, marketing, sales, etc. should and an be. Also, the positive relationship formed between the old and the young “nooglers” further emphasizes how such diversity can bring about success for many companies.

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