The Intern – Movie Review

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The Intern – Movie Review

After retiring, Ben Whittaker discovers that it is not all he dreamed it to be. At seventy-years-old Ben decides to continue his marketing journey by applying for a senior citizen intern program at About The Fit, a fast growing e-commerce fashion start-up in Brooklyn. New boss and founder, Jules, personifies the Millennial movement as she rides a bike to get around the office, works odd hours, and does not have a private office. As a founder, mother and wife, she struggles to complete daily tasks and refuses to hire a CEO to better balance her workload. The company has reached their five year goal within eighteen months, but investors are concerned about Jules ability to scale. Despite continuously running errands for Jules and driving her to work,  Jules continues to reject the partnership between herself and Ben. Ultimately the alliance formed is one that employers everywhere can learn from. 

First, I learned that not all stereotypes are bad. For example, Jules misjudges Ben by concluding that due to his age and technology avoidance he is of no value to the company. What she found was a wise man who paid attention to detail by noticing patterns in the company’s demographic data. 

As a married woman myself, I found that it is important to balance time between business and personal life. While having a successful growing company is great, Jules husband and kid lack the valuable time they need to sustain a family. Her husband is a stay-at-home father which undoubtedly causes marital tension if not nurtured properly. 

Lastly, it is important to celebrate company achievements big or small. For instance in “The Intern,” employees would ring a bell when they completed a new goal. Whether a bell or a dinner out, the celebration will capture team members attention thus keeping a consistent positive outlook in the workplace. 

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