The Internship Movie Review

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The Internship Movie Review

The Internship is a very mediocre movie about two middle-aged salesmen, Billy and Nick, who lose their jobs selling watches when their boss informs them that watches have become obsolete in a world where kids use their smart phones to check the time. Unsure what to do next, the two men, played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, google “jobs for people with no skills” and stumble upon a internship offered at Google. They are extremely under-qualified as they have worked as salesmen their whole careers and have very limited knowledge of the IT world, but are somehow able to finagle a way into the internship program. Thus, they head out of Google headquarters in Silicon Valley and find themselves as outcasts of the group. The program includes dozens of college students who are divided into teams that compete on a set of tasks and the members of the winning team are ultimately offered jobs. At first, Billy and Nick are unable to connect with their group because the college-aged students do not believe that they are up to the task. However, in an intense Quidditch match with a rival team, Billy gathers his team together and gives them an inspirational speech about never giving up. It is extremely corny and somewhat cringy, but his team buys into his message and they end up making a huge comeback, almost winning the match. This is huge turning point in the movie as the team starts working as a unit, utilizing every team member’s skill set. Ultimately in the end, with hard work and teamwork, Billy and Nick’s team win the jobs at Google after completing the intense program despite all of the adversity they faced along the way.

Essentially, this movie is a view of the tech world as experienced by two low-tech guys who are desperate to find a place in it. The tech industry has continuously evolved and it is weeding out those who fail to adapt. Google is the real subject of the movie as the movie is all about Google’s company culture and the benefits of working for their company. However, that does not take away from the overall message and there are some funny moments in the plot. This movie appeals to all audiences and would be a fun movie to watch this holiday season.

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