The Internship

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The Internship

I think this movie has a very interesting take on how much social media and the internet have changed the work place. Billy and Nick’s employer has gone out of business so they are forced to find a new place of employment. They apply and are accepted into Google as interns for the summer where they are in a team with very stereotypical teammates. These individuals know all about the tech industry while the two main characters lack all that knowledge.

I think the movie takes the standard take on millennials and the older generation. The millennials are all the stereotypical asians, hippies, etc. and the older generation characters are the ones that do not know anything about social media or the internet. I believe the movie takes a fun take by making Billy and Nick interns at a place like Google. Google has a very untraditional work environment so it is interesting to see how Billy and Nick react within that environment. Although the movie tries to have a fun and interesting take on social media and the internet, it is a pretty average movie about that topic.

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