The Social Network Review

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The Social Network Review

The Social Network is a movie revolving around Mark Zuckerberg and his creation of Facebook, one of the most influential networking websites of our generation. It shows the evolution of the website both before and after the launch and the ups and downs that come along with success. It highlights on Mark’s socially awkward personality and how his relationships are influenced by it as well as his intellectual power. It shows how money can transform people, and how instantly after Mark’s success, he was caught in many lawsuits from his previous colleagues at Harvard who claimed Mark stole the idea from them. The movie evokes the issues that can come along with making it big, especially the intense lawsuit with one of the other Facebook founders, who used to be Mark’s best friend. The movie ends with the closing settlements from the lawsuits but mainly highlights the intense emotions that are a result of becoming a billionaire at a young age. Anger, jealously, and resentment are emotions that are shown throughout the movie towards Mark. I think the movie does a fantastic job of how Mark felt through these years of his life, consisting of exhilaration from his grand accomplishments to the lows of his lawsuits.

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