Aerie Brings Comfort Back to Social Media

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Aerie Brings Comfort Back to Social Media

This past week, I was looking to invest in some new clothes for the upcoming fall season. And, like a good millennial, I first researched every website by going on Instagram to look how the products look in real life and on real people. During my research, I couldn’t help but notice how Aerie does a particularly great job of incorporating a wide variety of products in different ways throughout social media accounts. I just wanted to jump into the photo – into my bed with tea and cozy socks on this cold day.

This type of user content instantly made Aerie products more relatable to me personally, a normal girl who just likes to hang out on a cold day rather than a insta-famous young adult. It is just as important to choose the right type of UGC as it is to use UGC.

When thinking about the right type of UGC, I realized that it is important to know who you are marketing to. Last post, I discussed the stunning adventurous pictures posted by Pura Vida, but that type of content does not work for the Aerie customer. The Aerie girl is much more likely to be in a simple, cozy sweater picking out fall pumpkins than rocking extensive jewelry in the big city. So, I ask, what is your ideal customer doing on the weekends?

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