Marketing to Millennials: Halloween Deals

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Marketing to Millennials: Halloween Deals

These days, it seems like everywhere you turn there is some new marketing idea or campaign dying to get your attention or to start the next “trend.” What I have recently come to realize though is, as a college student, I am exposed to these vast marketing techniques even more than the average person.  At first, I wondered why it was that I was being hit with different ads and products everywhere I turned, but the answer quickly became clear. It isn’t because I am involved in lots of different organizations and activities, or because I am female, or even because I go to UGA….it’s because I am a millennial. I believe that millennials are, by far, the most targeted group by companies and advertisers on any average day and I have decided to explore the various ways in which this is true. With Halloween this Wednesday it only seemed right to talk about millennials favorite thing: free food!

Many food establishments are offering free, discounted or Halloween themed food this year for the Holiday, and marketing for these promotions are in full force to gear up for the big day. Between commercials, emails, and even texts it seems like everyone is trying to bring in some extra business this Halloween. Below are some of the deals that I have personally seen marketing over the past month or so:

Applebee’s: The specialty Zombie Cocktail is $1 every day in October.

Burger King: Special Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry drink and limited time Nightmare King Sandwich.

Chipotle: Get a $4 Boorito by showing up to Chipotle in a Halloween costume between 3 p.m. and close.

Sonic: Get 50-cent corn dogs on Halloween.

Krispy Kreme: Free donut on Halloween if you wear a costume.

Baskin Robins: $1.50 for a scoop of ice cream on Halloween.

And these are only the start of it! Despite the fact that there seems to be hundreds of deals trying to get me in the door of these establishments this Halloween, they are totally working! None of these deals are especially fantastic, and yet I find myself wondering if I can try and get them all this Wednesday. Something about themed food or discounts excites me enough to want to buy something I never would normally. I’ve never even had a corn dog yet I found myself looking up the nearest Sonic to see if there was one nearby for Wednesday. I am not sure which deals I will actually follow through with, but from my perspective, these companies should continue fun promotions and specials like these and I hope to see them more!



Reagan Durham

Reagan Durham

October 29, 2018at 3:33 pm

I completely agree that as a millennial we are the target audience for majority of the deals that come around times like these, especially when it comes to free food! I have seen many myself (from Dunkin’ as well, which is my guilty pleasure) and I find myself going out of my way to find these deals on things I would not normally get. In addition, I 10/10 recommend the Sonic corndog if you end up finding yourself there!

Christopher Friend

Christopher Friend

October 30, 2018at 3:58 am

If your theory is correct, the price focused ads make sense because millennials don’t have large disposable incomes. If I may propose a possible problem with your theory, they may be targeting you because of your income status not your generation. Most of these ads will work with lower income individuals who regularly eat out. This category includes younger millennials, but can be broadened to a large proportion of Athens.

The amount of ads you see may be due to your digital use as a millennial, but a similar amount digital usage could be common to Athens Natives with lower incomes. If you live in a house or apartment complex away from the common college apartments, your data may be closer aligned to advertisers with general Athens trends instead of with the millennial population in Athens.

I thought this counter-point might help you grow your theory. I think your theory has merit and potential, especially if further developed.

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