Phone Eats First: How South Kitchen and Bar Markets Themselves Via Social Media

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Phone Eats First: How South Kitchen and Bar Markets Themselves Via Social Media

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Man oh man do I love South. You can never go wrong here…they have an amazing brunch (with some awesome Bloody Mary’s), a perfectly satisfying lunch, and an incredible dinner menu that makes you feel like you need to roll out of the restaurant. Now I thought last week’s blog post was the best review I’ve written yet but now I’m wondering whether this one trumps it.

To me, South always screams at-home southern cooking with a creative twist. And their Instagram portrays this vibe perfectly. Their pictures are warm and inviting and beautifully display their food, drinks, employees, and promotional events. They perfectly balance out their posts with a good mix of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well as their cocktails, beer, and wine. The shot below exemplifies this in the best way. Look at that pork, the chef blazing a fire, and their delicious frose and mule.

I really love that South changes the theme of their posts depending on the season. In the picture above we can see a pumpkin beer surrounded by some cute little pumpkins. In the summer, many of their drinks were placed outside on the patio and featured those fun paper umbrellas and bright, vibrant colors.

With 2,151 followers, South is definitely lagging behind some of the other most popular Athens restaurants like Five Bar and Mama’s Boy. I’m pretty surprised to see such a small number of people are following South considering it’s reputation among the Athens community and fairly reasonable prices. They’re following 431 people, which is about double that of Mama’s Boy. Their posts seem to average around 40 likes and 3 comments. I did notice that the posts which seem to garner the most attention include pictures of their dinner entrees and specialty cocktails so I would highly recommend increasing the frequency of those posts. That way, their photos will be closer to the top of people’s feeds and receive more attraction.

If South could get more Instagram users to view their photos, I can promise you more customers would be coming through their doors. In all honesty, though, I don’t want more people to view their profile because I can’t stand any longer of a wait when all I want to do is enjoy their green tomato benny on a Sunday morning.

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Olivia Grimm

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Kacie James

Kacie James

October 29, 2018at 1:54 pm

I believe that South does such a great job of capturing their products on Instagram as you said! I find it so interesting that they change the “theme” of their posts based on season. I had never noticed this before, so I went to their page to take a second look, and now I will always notice this. As a place that typically has seasonal items (drinks and etc) and adjusts some based on the season, this is a cool way to portray that shift in their social media as well.

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