The Intern: Movie Review

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The Intern: Movie Review

The Intern was such a feel-good movie, starring an unlikely, yet extremely lovable duo played by Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. Ben (De Niro) applies and lands a spot as a senior citizen intern at a youthful, fast- paced start-up online company owned by Hathaway’s character, Jules. In the beginning of the movie, Jules is shown to be a go- getter, always on the move and constantly dealing with all aspects of her company. Ben is an easy-going, retired widower looking for something to fill his time up.

Jules was so caught up in her work that she didn’t even know where to fit Ben in, claiming she had no work for him to complete, but Ben sat back and was observant to what tasks he could do to best help Jules. It started with driving Jules to and from meetings and home, then their relationship as friends blossomed. Ben would complete little tasks around the office, like cleaning a dumpster of a desk off, and he would make slight changes to the norm, like walking to Jules door and going inside for coffee when he would pick her up from her house. Throughout the movie, Ben becomes a mentor and beloved confidant for Jules to lean on, even when her previously shut in private life and feelings got too much for her to handle.

The plot of the movie revolves around Jules having to make the tough decision to hire a CEO to help take some of the weight and workload off her shoulders or continue running her company on her own. Through it all, Ben never waivers from his confidence in Jules abilities and his constant support in her decisions. Throughout this movie, I found myself wanting to resemble Ben’s desire to keep growing, no matter how old he became, and his kind- hearted nature towards everyone. On the flip side, I found myself realizing the realities on being a woman in the workforce, through Jules’ experiences. She was faced with prejudices and sexist people, but she learned how to stay true to herself and her wants, and she worked hard for everything she got.

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