Will Apple Sell Screen Time Data?

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Will Apple Sell Screen Time Data?

Apple recently introduced Screen Time, a new feature that allows you to see how much time you spend on your phone. With this, you are able to manage your phone time and set limits on certain apps. I think that this is a great feature, especially for our generation and those below us, who have grown up on their phones for their entire life.

The point that I want to bring up about Screen Time is the incredible amount of data that Apple is collecting every second from the new feature. Apple strategically found a way to provide a useful service to its consumers while also gaining data on each user. So this poses the question – what is Apple doing with all of this data on it’s consumers phone habits? I haven’t been able to find any information on the topic, but it’s definitely something interesting to consider.

Let’s imagine a company who exclusively advertises and reaches its consumers through Instagram. For this company, a person who spends an hour each day on the app is obviously a more valuable user than a person who spends two minutes each day on the app. So how much would these companies be willing to pay Apple for this data? Moreover, would Apple even consider selling this data to these companies?

Like I said earlier, I haven’t been able to find much information about this topic and I’m sure Apple has crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s. However, I am interested in seeing if Apple created Screen Time solely as a tool to help its users manage their phone time, or if they wanted to gain more data about their consumer’s phone habits.

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Justin Kim

Justin Kim

October 29, 2018at 10:31 pm

In my opinion, the new screen time data has three roles, 1. The Screen Time Data was a tool used as a key feature to market for the newest iOS 12, to get more downloads, and to retrieve data more accurately. 2. The Screen time data is exactly what it was made to do, keep tract of personal usage of data and to restrict for users. 3. The other role is exactly what was stated in your blog and that is take advantage of these data and potentially sell it to companies for a price. If Apple can make money off anything legally, I believe that they will.

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